TWICE’s Mina And Dahyun Spill Tips To Achieve Their Flawless Skin

Using all of their tips will give you skin just as stunning and healthy.

When it comes to skincare, Korea is one of the hotspots in the world that has a fantastic array of products and treatments to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Naturally, idols have some of the best skin around, despite wearing makeup nearly 24/7 for their schedules.

Whenever TWICE‘s Mina and Dahyun show off their bare faces, Mina’s is always smooth and blemish-free while Dahyun’s skin is blinding from its even-tone and brightness.

Since fans wouldn’t mind having skin as healthy as theirs, the two revealed their tips of flawless skin during an interview for Interview Magazine.

Rather than having complex skincare routines with multiple steps, the two had only two tips for keeping their skin in tip-top shape. Mina first emphasized the importance of keeping hands away from the precious area. She shouted, “Don’t rub your face!”

For the second tip, it concerned using products that will suit your skin and enhance it. To keep her skin feeling moisturized, she revealed, “Use different creams and lotions to keep your face soft.”

Because she didn’t specify which brands to use, it will make people find and test out what works best for their skin. On the flip side, Dahyun didn’t mention any products at all.

Dahyun’s first tip for her radiant skin didn’t have to do with any skincare rituals. It was something anyone could easily fit into their daily life.

Rather than applying products to her face, she stated how critical drinking enough water is in combination with letting your body rest, “Drink lots of water and get enough sleep.”

Dahyun’s last tip worked well with her first. Once your body is healthy and rested, it was all about keeping your mind just as happy. She urged everyone to push the negative thoughts and emotions away, replacing them with happy ones, “Try not to stress. Positive thoughts only!”

Flawless skin isn’t only the result of whatever’s placed on it or how it’s treated. A healthy body in combination with those routines will make your skin the best it can be and looking just as stunning as Mina and Dahyun’s.

Source: Interview Magazine