TWICE’s Mina Has A Favorite “Squid Game” Character, Here’s Who

They’re actually a favorite among viewers.

Like the rest of the world, the members of TWICE have watched and enjoyed Netflix‘s hit Korean show Squid Game. Chaeyoung even dressed up as one of the show’s characters for Halloween and wasn’t the only one to show her interest.

Chaeyoung dressed in a “Squid Game” Halloween costume. | @twicetagram/Instagram

Now Mina has shared which of the characters she adored the most throughout the series.

Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

While chatting with Allure Korea to answer fans’ questions, one ONCE couldn’t resist asking about Squid Game and who Mina was rooting for.

After taking a brief moment to decide, she ended up choosing a favorite among viewers. Mina responded, “I like Ali‘s character.

Mina explained why she deeply resonated with Anupam Tripathi‘s character on an emotional level.

He has a sense of humor, and it touched my heart seeing him living his life with his best for his family.

— Mina

From the many comments and fan-made clips celebrating the character, Mina isn’t the only one fond of him. Watch Mina discuss why he held a special place in her heart.