TWICE’s Mina Opens Up About Her First US Tour Experience

The “III” tour was her first tour in the US.

The III tour was TWICE Mina‘s first tour in the United States, and she absolutely slayed during the entire tour!

TWICE’s Mina | @mina_sr_my/Instagram

The other 8 members performed in the United States during the TWICELIGHTS tour in 2019, but Mina was on hiatus at the time. However, she joined them for the III tour and had a blast touring in the US with the members, and she opened up about the experience in her TW-LOG from the tour.

| TWICE/YouTube

While eating dinner in her hotel room, she reflected on how it felt to be on her first US tour. She said, “It’s my first US tour, and I watched something from before.” 

Mina said, “It was Sana and Jihyo walking around in the US and saying how I’d like it if I came here. They wished I were there with them.”

Mina was happy to be on tour with her members, but she wished she were able to walk around and explore the cities TWICE performed in. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she wasn’t able to do so. She said, “Sadly, I can’t walk around this time, but I’m so happy to be here nonetheless.”

We’re glad Mina and the other TWICE members had a great time on tour, and we hope they get to explore the cities they visit on their next tour!

Check out Mina’s full TW-LOG below.