TWICE Mina is the Queen of Ballet in K-pop

It’s well known that Mina is a good dancer, but she can do more than just dance to TWICE‘s songs.

Mina is also known for her amazing ballet skill. Sometimes her perfect posture can be a curse when dancing to TWICE’s more pop style songs. However, it does help to give her beautiful lines and elegance.

Even when performing rhythmic gymnastics you can see how her ballet training elevates her to a whole new level of beauty. From her high arches to her lines that are elongated by her pretty hand movements, Mina’s ballet training is no joke.

On SIXTEEN, Mina showed us her love of dance and passion to debut. She really had to find a way to meet in the middle by maintaining her strong knowledge of dance as well as an ability to adapt.

Though it is not uncommon for idols to have classical dance experience, Mina’s is on a whole different level. Even other members of TWICE such as Nayeon, have had ballet training for many years. Mina’s adorable performance with Nayeon and Chaeyoung made it clear how she’s truly a well-trained dancer who obviously knows what she’s doing and looks lovely doing it.

Mina’s giant smile when performing the ballet version of “Ooh-Ahh” made it hard to look away from her!


Mina’s ballet skills have captured the hearts of everyone from JYP to fans and even to the other TWICE members. Naturally, TWICE’s biggest fans, Oh My Girl, are also in love with her ballet.

Mina’s talent is truly incredible and giving her the title of the Queen of ballet in K-pop seems fitting.