TWICE Mina’s Mind Reading Skills Left Momo Speechless At MAMA 2018

When Momo needed help, Mina knew exactly what to do.

TWICE‘s Momo and Mina have proved time and time again that they are #FriendshipGoals, and like many BFFs they’ve each developed the near-psychic ability to know what the other one is thinking.


From their SIXTEEN days to their TWICE years…


…Momo and Mina have always had undeniable chemistry…


…and have become perfectly in sync with each other.


Even so, Mina still managed to take Momo by surprise at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong with her BFF telepathy skills.


Momo wore a gorgeous, black mini-dress to the event that ended up being precarious to sit in because of its short skirt.


During the show, Momo struggled to sit comfortably and carefully positioned her arms and legs to prevent any wardrobe mishaps.


Momo kept her discomfort to herself, but could not hide it from Mina. With a single glance, Mina knew just what Momo needed. Without saying a word, Mina quickly retrieved a golden pillow for Momo.


Her “telepathy” and kindness left Momo totally speechless!


Fans are now calling Mina an “angel” and are praising her for taking such good care of her friend.


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