TWICE’s Mina Reveals How She Spends Her Entire Day

You already know she set aside time for gaming.

In a newly released video for Dicon, TWICE‘s Mina took time to bless fans with content they’d been waiting for. She revealed how she spends her day whenever she’s not fulfilling schedules.

Since she’s been focusing on her health, this is most likely what her typical day currently looks like.

From midnight until nine in the morning, Mina prepares for her long day by getting a full night’s sleep of nearly ten hours. If you’re ever wondered why she looks so radiant and glowy, part of it could be from all of the rest she gets.

After waking up, Mina takes two hours to get ready and become alert. At eleven, she likes to go for a walk. From noon to six at night, she uses about five to six hours to do what she was more than excited about: shopping.

By then, Mina is only a little more than halfway through spending her day. She’s then ready for the last real meal of the day, “From six to seven at night, I eat.” She takes in the fuel she’ll need for one of her favorite things to do.

Knowing Mina, there’s one thing she loves to do, especially on her phone. For three hours, she games from seven until ten. After getting her gaming out of the way, she’s ready to relax in another way.

Getting comfortable in a set of pajamas, Mina watches a movie from ten until midnight, preparing herself to begin the cycle all over again.

Watch Mina go over how she spends all twenty-four hours of her day here. Was it what you’d expected?