TWICE’s Mina Shares How She Feels Being In The “Girl Group War” Era

Mina said she didn’t feel pressured at all.

TWICE‘s Mina and Tzuyu became closer to Aiki, leader of the HOOK dance crew famous for appearing on Street Woman Fighter when they were guests on her web series Thumbs Up to promote their single “Talk That Talk.”

TWICE’s Mina and Tzuyu on Aiki’s Thumb’s Up | NAVER NOW via TwiScene/YouTube 

The girls had a ton of fun talking about things ONCEs have been dying to know about, like whether Mina preferred an innocent or sexy concept or if Tzuyu thought JYP Entertainment cast her because of her beauty. They even used TWICE’s choreography to dance to “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars!

Sadly, Mina and Tzuyu eventually had to leave, and Aiki had to wrap up the show. The trio sat close together in front of the camera to share their final thoughts.

One of Aiki’s final prompts was to talk about how there were so many K-Pop girl groups debuting each year, so much so that some say there’s a “girl group war.” She asked Mina and Tzuyu if they felt pressured because of that.

Mina had an elegant answer,

Rather than feeling burdened, I like it. We love to sing and dance along to the songs of new groups and girl groups these days. I look at them from the perspective of a fan so I think, ‘Ah, I’m really getting older.’ I think it’s a habit. They’re so pretty!

— Mina

It seems like the TWICE members are slowly settling into their roles as one of the sunbaes (word Korean celebrities use for people who debuted earlier than them) of the K-Pop world. When asked if there was any particular junior group TWICE thought was pretty, Mina said, “These days, we are always singing and dancing to New Jeans!

Aiki smoothly concluded by saying that TWICE is still growing and showing more of their charms, so they’re still receiving a lot of love worldwide! It’s great to see the TWICE members supporting younger groups while pushing themselves to higher heights.

Watch TWICE’s Mina and Tzuyu on Aiki’s Thumbs Up below! The closing remarks begin at the 1:01:21 mark!