TWICE Mina’s Sells Out Her Merchandise After Anti-Fans Mock Her

Some reports recently claimed that TWICE’s Mina has been suffering from poor individual merchandise sales.

Anti-fans pointed out that Mina’s recent photo controversy has caused her to be the only TWICE member not to sell out of her individual merchandise, pointing to her Mini Candy Bong Keyring as a product that has not sold out. The alleged evidence used by such claims were screenshots that showed other TWICE member Keyrings marked “sold out,” while Mina’s appeared to be still in stock.

However, TWICE fans pointed out that the mini keyrings were in fact sold out before the controversy even took place, making it impossible for the issue to have affected Mina’s individual mini keyring sales.  

TWICE’s Mini Candy Bong Keyrings were initially scheduled to be on sale with the rest of their TWICELAND: The Opening concert in Seoul from February 17th to 19th. But due to a manufacturing error, they were not available for sale at the concert and were only made available through online distributor WithDrama.

On March 4th, JYP Entertainment announced that the product would be available on WithDrama from March 6th to March 12th, along with the rest of TWICE’s concert merchandise (except for the portable battery pack).

Fans noted that all of the keyrings quickly sold out, as they were the only product that were unavailable at the concert stops. In fact, when JYP Entertainment opened a second wave of pre-orders, the keyrings were no longer available as they were completely out of stock.

Screenshots obtained showing that Mina’s keyring had not sold out were in fact taken from resellers online, and not from the official store selling the official merchandise. It is unclear how much of each product resellers stock after purchasing them from WithDrama. Fans anxious to purchase Mina’s sold-out keyring have been attempting to find ways of buying the allegedly available product.