TWICE’s Momo Once Revealed The Secret On How K-Pop Idols Are Able To Autograph So Many Albums

“We put our hearts into each of these signatures.”

During the release of “I Can’t Stop Me”, TWICE‘s Momo was on VLIVE when she decided to let her audience in on a bit of a trade secret.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Before sharing the state of the practice room she was broadcasting from, Momo first graciously checked with staff to make sure it was ok.

“Then, I can show them?” “Yes.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

She then flipped the front-facing camera around to reveal the overwhelming sight of the practice room where so many iconic dance practices have been filmed covered in rows of albums.

“Hey! Its awesome.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Amongst these rows was Chaeyoung who was busy signing another stack of their Eyes Wide Open album.

“Chaeyoung is working hard doing them right now.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Coincidentally, Chaeyoung happened to match the “Style” version of the album which Momo was quick to point out.

“I heard that you are wearing gray right now so that you can match the gray album.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Momo showed the room to share that Chaeyoung was about two thirds of the way done with the process.

“Chaeyoung did this much. She just need to do this much more.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Earlier, Chaeyoung had confessed that this process usually takes her around 2 hours to complete.

Chaeyoung moving on to her next stack of albums. | TWICE/VLIVE 

Momo then shared that the process takes her upwards of 2 to 3 hours to complete because of her signature!

“But I almost lost my mind because I was doing so many of these.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Momo has a cute but elaborate signature that involves turning her name into a a unique smiling face.

“This takes me about two to three hours to do. Thats because my autograph has a lot of things. | TWICE/VLIVE

Momo shared that this signature got her in trouble during “Fancy” because she began signing her name as just “Mo” to expedite the process.

“When I had a hard time, there was a time I just wrote Mo. I do this but I just wrote Mo. I got in trouble.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

We appreciate Momo giving us this insight into how idols are able to sign so many albums. Have you heard about this before? Let us know!

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