TWICE’s Momo Reveals The Scene In The “Alcohol-Free” Music Video That Was The Most Nerve-Racking To Film

As expected, Momo remained professional!

TWICE recently released their new track “Alcohol-Free,” and it absolutely radiates summer vibes from the music, outfits, and the set for the music video.

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The group recently shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of their music video on their YouTube channel. They showed fans everything that happened during the shoot and their feelings ahead of releasing the song.

In particular, member Momo shared with fans the scene from the music video that made her the most nervous and scared to shoot while filming her individual scenes. Momo explained that, as soon as she saw the set, she was scared after seeing the prop she would be using.

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The scene that scared Momo was when she had to sit on top of a very tall cocktail glass. There is no denying that it would be a scary experience!

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After she filmed the scene, Momo explained how although the glass looked low, it still made her feel nervous because she was afraid of heights.

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Luckily, when the cameras started rolling, Momo immersed herself in the song, and it is impossible to tell that she was frightened while filming it! In the end, the outcome looked stunning, and once again, Momo showcased her stunning visuals despite her fears!

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As expected, Momo remained professional throughout. Along with the other members, they created the perfect song and music video for the summer. Make sure to watch the whole music video below.

Source: TWICE