Here’s Why Momo Might Be The Best Female K-Pop Dancer Of This Generation

Charisma, power, technicality – Momo has it all.

The K-Pop world is populated with talented dancers, but TWICE‘s Momo is more than just talented: she’s gifted.


Often times, the “best” dancers are thought to be the ones who show the biggest movements and the most power on stage, but Momo proves this isn’t necessarily the case, especially for female dancers. Although she is a powerful dancer, much of her skill stems from the subtleties in her technique.


This is why Momo’s exceptional skill may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye. Fellow dancers are more likely to pick up on little details, like Momo’s fantastic body control and her attention to body placement.


Momo’s strong dancing style is often at odds with TWICE’s softer concepts, and TWICE’s simple dance routines may not be giving Momo’s abilities enough room to shine.


Fans would love to see Momo try more complex choreography that would challenge her current skill level and show the world just what she is capable of.


Check out this Momo-focused fan cam of “What is Love?” to see this dance goddess in action.