TWICE’s Momo Confesses She Feared Singing So Much That She’d Cry

“I…cried a lot in the vocal training room.”

When it comes to the dancers in TWICE whose skills pack a punch, Momo takes the crown with her powerful and smooth dancing. Although she doesn’t have as much of a chance to showcase her equally talented singing, she revealed that it didn’t come easy to her.

In TWICE: Seize The Light, she opened up about how she used to fear singing as a trainee—to the point where she shed tears.

At the start of training, soon-to-be idols often haven’t reached their full potential, unsure of their strengths. The same applied to Momo. Being talented in dancing, she was afraid to try out singing. She revealed, “When I first became a trainee, I was too timid to take a vocal class.”

Momo didn’t merely want to avoid taking vocal classes; she had a fear of attending them altogether. She explained that she would cry before they even started, “I was worried about it so much that I cried before class. Even before the first class, I was so worried.”

She had a reason for being so fearful. Momo didn’t think she was skilled enough to be taking a vocal class. She explained the negative outlook she had on her singing at the time, “I was like, ‘I’m so bad at singing,’ and cried a lot in the vocal training room.”

Even though she had a hard time facing her fear of singing, Momo didn’t let it stop her. After she cried, she pushed herself to take charge and get better. Smiling, she stated, “And, went back to the class and practiced.”

Sometimes, all it takes to achieve your dream is to face your fear and strengthen your weaknesses. There’s no shame in having a good cry to release the frustration that comes with it.

In the end, her perseverance paid off as she became a part of TWICE, blessing everyone with her singing and dancing. Listen to Momo open up about those tough times here.