TWICE’s Momo Confesses She Frequently Eats Only One Meal A Day, But She’s Aware Of Its Consequences

“I gained some weight.”

In an interview with COSMOPOLITAN Korea, TWICE‘s “Dance Machine” Momo dished on why she uses a fake name, the story behind the members wearing bunny hats to the airport, the cute habits of her dog Boo, and many more. She also opened up about her go-to diet when she isn’t exercising.

TWICE’s Momo

The “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” singer explained that she tries to exercise often, but when she doesn’t do it regularly, she gains weight. That’s why when she wants to reduce, she often eats only one meal a day. To make it easier on her, she seeks out food that she loves.

When I’m not exercising regularly and realize that I gained some weight, I only eat one meal a day, and I try to eat what I love.

— TWICE’s Momo

It may work for her, but she is aware of the consequence of her diet—it isn’t healthy. She argued, however, that it is “manageable.”

That’s my way of losing weight. It may not be the healthiest way to lose weight, but it’s manageable,” she said.

While on the topic, Momo added that she enjoys switching up her exercises to avoid getting bored. She usually does pilates, flying yoga, and CrossFit.

I get bored easily when I exercise. So for example, after doing one month of pilates, I switch to flying yoga, and then to CrossFit. I always mix up my workouts so that I don’t get bored.

— TWICE’s Momo

Furthermore, an exercise she is interested in trying is a “special yoga that involves flying.” She explained that fellow member Jeongyeon does it, and she wants to try it as well.

A new exercise that I want to try? I want to try this special yoga that involves flying. JEONGYEON does that. It’s different from flying yoga, you actually fly in this type of yoga. I want to give that a try.

— TWICE’s Momo

In the same interview, Momo talked about when she uses a fake name and how she started being called it. Check out her answer here:

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Source: YouTube