TWICE’s Momo — And Her First Impressions Of All The TWICE Members

Momo’s pre-debut relationship with the other members is a little shocking.

TWICE‘s Momo was once asked during a live broadcast to recall her first impressions of the other members.

While she did her best to try and remember the details, she remembered some better than others. Here’s Momo’s first impression of the other TWICE members.

1. Nayeon

Momo remembers Nayeon as the quintessential Korean trainee, as she remembers being amazed by her.

2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon‘s first impression was similar to Nayeon’s, but Momo does remember being a little shy about approaching her.

3. Sana

Sana was the member that Momo connected with first. They met in Japan when they were signing their contracts, and found that they had a lot in common.

4. Jihyo

Jihyo was a trainee the longest out of the TWICE members, so she was quite famous.

5. Mina

Momo has a clear memory of Mina having a hard time when she was beginning as a trainee.

6. Dahyun

Momo didn’t have a clear memory of Dahyun, but she did remember thinking that Dahyun was extremely cute.

7. Chaeyoung

Momo just remembers that Chaeyoung was extremely young and cute when she first met her.

8. Tzuyu

Momo recalls that when Tzuyu got accepted as a trainee, there was a rumor of pretty trainee coming. Momo was amazed by Tzuyu’s beauty when she first saw her.

Momo also reveals a small detail regarding her time as a trainee. Momo was not that close to the members during her trainee days. The only member Momo was close to was Sana. It wasn’t until TWICE debuted that Momo got close to the other members.

Here is the full video below!