TWICE’s Momo Reveals Why She Got Goosebumps After Watching One Of Her Fancams

This was a shocking experience for Momo!

During a recent episode of Radio Star, TWICE‘s Momo shared a story of a time when she got surprised by how tired she looked on stage.

TWICE’s Momo

During the episode, Momo was asked, “Momo, you got goosebumps when you watched a fancam of your performance?

Momo then shared that when TWICE were promoting their song “Cheer Up”, they barely got any time to rest.

After their first performance of “Cheer Up”, Momo decided to look up her fancam, and she was surprised to see that she was dozing off on stage!

However, it wasn’t just Momo that was dozing off, as Sana was as well.

When Momo told Sana about how she was dozing off on stage, Sana didn’t believe her.

Sana then shared that she watched the fancam of the “Cheer Up” performance for the first time this year, and was shocked when she saw that she actually did doze off on stage!

The fancam was then shown to everyone, and TWICE couldn’t help but laugh.