TWICE’s Momo & Jang Wonyoung Wore The Same $25 Dress (But They Made It Look Expensive In Their Own Ways)

The way they wear this dress, you’d never guess it was so affordable.

From Chanel to Balmain, TWICE‘s main dancer Momo and former IZ*ONE maknae Jang Wonyoung are often seen sporting designer outfits worth hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars. However, sometimes they wear clothes even we can afford — but they still look expensive and stylish in their own way.

This denim overall dress from H&M, for example, has been worn by both Wonyoung and Momo. The short, button-up pinafore was first made available several years ago, and before it sold out, it cost just $24.99 USD!

| H&M

Wonyoung was seen wearing the dress today in a new Instagram update. In the post, the 17-year-old Starship Entertainment star revealed she was dressed up for a new photoshoot with Innisfree—the Korean cosmetics brand she recently began endorsing. While her full outfit wasn’t visible, Wonyoung could be seen wearing a puff-sleeved blouse under the dress.

Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

In her take on the dress, Wonyoung gave off innocent, youthful vibes reminiscent of the recent “cottagecore” trend. With a delicate white blouse underneath, the dress looks like a rare and pricey vintage piece on her—and Wonyoung’s pure makeup and hairstyle complement that perfectly.

Momo, on the other hand, went with a completely different style when she wore the dress. Donning it for “Dance the Night Away” promotions in July 2018, she turned the pinafore into a regular dress by wearing nothing underneath. To complete the fit, she wore white sneakers and dangling jeweled earrings.

The dress itself forms the core of Momo’s outfit here, and with the way she stands out so strongly in it, you’d never guess this piece was so affordable. Giving off bright and confident vibes, Momo would definitely have us convinced that this dress came from a designer brand.


Interestingly, despite their seven-year age gap and completely different personal styles, this isn’t the first time Momo and Wonyoung have worn the same clothes. Take this THE ASHLYNN sequined Elsa dress for example, worth ₩650,000 KRW (about $547 USD).

Wonyoung wore it when IZ*ONE performed on KBS‘s Immortal Songs back in April 2019.

And Momo wore it with the sleeves removed when TWICE promoted “Feel Special” on MBC‘s Music Core in October 2019.

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