TWICE’s Momo Reveals What Job She Would Have Now If She Wasn’t Doing Music

Hint: it’s not too different from being an idol!

TWICE joined Seventeen to answer 17 questions, from what songs cheer them up to where they want to live.

One particular question they received was “If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?” Before any of the girls could answer, Jihyo called Momo out to the spotlight.

The girls all instantly agreed to Jihyo’s suggestion as it fit Momo very well. It was so clear that Nayeon even had a detailed image of Momo as a TikTok star in her mind, and was sure that she would be so famous that even she would have heard of her!

Seems like even in another life, Momo would have been a star!

Source: Seventeen and Feature Image
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