TWICE’s Momo Spills On The Time She Couldn’t Get Into Her Own Fansign

The staff wanted to see her ticket.

TWICE are currently promoting their latest comeback, “That that Talk,” and as part of their promotions, they sat down for an interview with the ever-hilarious Jonathan‘s series, TheKstarNextDoor. In the interview, TWICE’s Sana, Momo, and Nayeon opened up about everything from Momo’s surprising friendship with SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan to the time she couldn’t get into her own fansign.

TWICE had had an incident with a fansign before when Dahyun was forgotten by her managers when she went to the bathroom.

Dahyun | JTBC Entertainment/YouTube 

Since Dahyun was forgotten, TWICE created a new system to ensure all their members are always accounted for.

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube 

While Momo’s incident wasn’t as worrying as accidentally leaving a member behind, it was certainly unexpected. Momo explained that for one of TWICE’s fansigns, she wanted to surprise fans by appearing from the crowd.

I thought the fans would like it if I entered between the crowds as a surprise.

— Momo

Momo | Diggle/YouTube 

But, unexpectedly, the staff stopped her from entering the venue.

So I was about to go in but they told me that I can’t go in.

— Momo

Jonathan, Sana, and Momo | Diggle/YouTube 

Even more surprisingly, Nayeon clarifies that Momo was even dressed up, with her hair and makeup done, so it’s unclear how the staff didn’t recognize the famous idol.

She was in full dress.

— Nayeon

Momo and Nayeon | Diggle/YouTube 

Still, the staff demanded a ticket from Momo before eventually realizing who she was.

I was like ‘What do I do‘ and ‘I am TWICE.‘ And they let me enter, saying sorry.

— Momo

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Although it was an awkward moment, it definitely makes for an entertaining story and proves that TWICE’s staff tries their best to keep the members safe.

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