TWICE’s Momo Loses Her Earbud Covers, But Paparazzi Photos Help Her Find Them

Momo was very surprised by where her earbud covers were!

TWICE‘s Momo once lost her earbud covers and found them later thanks to paparazzi photos!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

On an episode of Knowing Bros, Dahyun exposed Momo for making an “embarrassing mistake” at the airport.

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Dahyun asked the cast members, “You know earphone silicon?” Then, Dahyun explained, “She kept looking for those.”

At the time, the members were at the airport. Dahyun revealed that Momo later found her earbud covers after seeing photos of herself at the airport.

As it turned out, the earbud covers were in Momo’s ears the entire time!

Momo told the Knowing Bros cast that she genuinely had no idea where her earbud covers were until she saw the photos.

When Momo returned to the airport a few days later, she used the paparazzi’s photos to her advantage. To show fans that she’d found her earbud covers, she posed while she showed off her earbuds.

See the full Knowing Bros clip below.