Here’s How TWICE’s Momo And Mina Would Do In “Squid Game,” According To TWICE

Do you agree with the members?

Practically everyone is talking about Netflix‘s Squid Game, even K-Pop idols! During their #TwitterBlueroom, the TWICE members discussed which members they thought would win Squid Game and which members wouldn’t fare so well.

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

A ONCE sent in a question asking TWICE which member would be eaten first by a zombie, and they quickly turned their answer into an opportunity to talk about Squid Game. Momo revealed that she’d talked about which members would survive the deadly games from the hit K-Drama after she watched it.

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 Nayeon said she thought Mina would do really well in Squid Game, and the rest of the group agreed. However, Nayeon didn’t think Mina would win the entire competition. Nayeon said, “I feel like Mina will do well and do all the hard missions and die in a really random way.”

Jihyo predicted that Momo wouldn’t survive either, but she wouldn’t be killed while playing the games. In Squid Game, some of the players fought and killed each other at night, and Jihyo guessed that Momo would fall asleep and be eliminated during the nighttime fights.

See the full #TwitterBlueroom interview below.