TWICE’s Momo And Nayeon Decorating Christmas Cookies Shows Off Their Different Art Styles

Even Nayeon noticed how different they looked.

As a special Christmas treat for fans, TWICE‘s Momo and Nayeon filmed a video clip for TWICE TV where they made their own festive cookies to celebrate the season.


To slowly ease into the world of baking, they took the pre-made dough that was prepared and used cookie cutters to get the shapes they needed. Once they were comfortable, they started free-handing the shapes of their cookies, showing just how different their art styles were.

After decorating them with different colors of icing, they were proud of their creations, snapping celebratory photos with them. In her eagerness to show them off, Momo nearly dropped all her hard work but caught herself just in time. Here’s how they look up close.

Nayeon kept the art on her cookies simple. For the figures, she gave them faces and buttons, with the bigger ones she even added hands and feet. When it came to her dog Kookeu, she made them all brown with pops of color for their face. With her name, she simply wrote it in a heart and did colorful “NY” cookies to spice it up. Momo took a more playful approach.

She showed her love for the movie Monsters, Inc. by making Boo with green fur and pink spots and Sully with her two brown ponytails and pink dress. She couldn’t forget to make her signature bear, with pink and green eyes, yellow and pink ears, and a yellow smile. To make the ultimate cookie, she let everyone know she made these with her signature in a heart shape.

On one side, Nayeon’s art is more minimal while remaining colorful. On the other hand, Momo’s art is more playful. Either way, they’re both artists in their own way. Watch Momo and Nayeon decorate their artful cookies here. Which of the two styles matches you best?