TWICE Momo Nearly Falls Off Stage During Rehearsal, Nayeon Saves Her From Injury

Nayeon comes to the rescue!

TWICE’s Momo would have fallen off the stage to a dangerous fall during a rehearsal if Nayeon hadn’t come to her rescue.


During a rehearsal for their song “TT”, Momo lost her balance and nearly fell off the stage.


Luckily, Nayeon came to her rescue and they were both unharmed.


Momo gave Nayeon a big hug as a thank you gesture while the staff came up to block the open space.


Later, during the actual performance, Nayeon took hold Momo’s arm just in case.

Thanks to Nayeon’s help, they were able to complete their performance without any problem!



This isn’t the only time Nayeon has cutely taken care of Momo either. She has lent her shoulder for tired Momo to rest on…


…And cared for Momo on live broadcasts so that she didn’t make any mistakes she would regret.


She is the perfect example of an amazing, caring friend.


Watch the full clip of their rehearsal below: