TWICE’s Momo Overcomes Her Clumsiness To Avoid A Mini Disaster

Clumsiness works hard, but Momo works harder.

On a special episode of TWICE TV, TWICE‘s Momo and Nayeon put their hearts and hard work into preparing Christmas cookies that were more meaningful than your average ones.


When it was time to show them off, all of Momo’s hard work almost backfired when her clumsy side kicked in.

Momo isn’t a stranger to experiencing clumsy moments, like the time she dropped her ice cream during a live broadcast. In this case, it’s different. It concerns food she’d made herself, by hand.

After all the care they’d taken in preparing and decorating the cookies, Nayeon wanted to snap a photo showcasing all the hard work she’d put into them. While holding her cookies beside her face, she snapped a selca. Momo wanted to do the same.

Before she showcased her cookies to the world, Momo carefully arranged them how she wanted, making sure everything was perfect. She even took a few photos to make sure they looked how she envisioned.

When the camera finally came around to give her treats the spotlight, she was all too eager to give them the shine they deserved. She tilted them toward the camera, forgetting that would unbalance them. Her slightly panicked look said it all. As half of them slid out of place and closer to the edge, Momo caught them just in time, correcting their balance.

After spending hours preparing them, including special messages, and creating characters, Momo would’ve been devastated if all her hard work had ended up in pieces on the floor. Fortunately, all the cookies remained safe and ended up neatly packed away.

See her overcome clumsiness to avoid ruining all the effort and creativity she put into her baking.