TWICE’s Momo Once Revealed The Reason Why She Almost Never Cries

The reason is a little heartbreaking.

TWICE‘s Momo rarely ever cries, and it sometimes even surprises her fellow members. When TWICE guested in MBC FM4U‘s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, Momo revealed the reason why she believes she doesn’t cry much.

TWICE’s Momo

Jihyo was asked which member cries the least during the show, and she didn’t hesitate to pick Momo.

| Dorko Sana/YouTube

Jihyo shared that Momo doesn’t cry when they watch sad movies or dramas and that she rarely ever cries.

| Dorko Sana/YouTube

Jeongyeon then revealed that in the past, she asked Momo why she rarely ever cries, and Momo gave quite the answer. Momo told Jeongyeon that her old dance instructor used to be quite tough on her and that she cried a lot in front of the dance instructor. Momo believes that this is one of the reasons why she doesn’t cry that much.

| Dorko Sana/YouTube

Not only that, but Momo also shared that she cried a lot during SIXTEEN, which is the survival show that created TWICE.  Momo then shared that she rarely ever cried after appearing in SIXTEEN.

| Dorko Sana/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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