TWICE’s Momo Reveals That Her Home In Japan Has A “Jihyo Room”

The room has plenty of Jihyo’s photos!

TWICE recently guested on MBC‘s Radio Star, and during the episode, it was revealed that Momo‘s father is quite the fan of Jihyo.

TWICE’s Momo
TWICE’s Jihyo

Momo shared that at her parent’s home in Japan, her father’s room is full of Jihyo’s photos.

| K-Pop update/YouTube

Momo then shared that many members of her family have biases in TWICE, as her father is a fan of Jihyo, and her sister is a fan of Chaeyoung.

Even Jihyo was a bit surprised by this, as this was her first time seeing Momo’s father’s room.

When asked if they had ever met each other, Momo explained that when TWICE was doing a hi-touch event in Japan, her father waited in line to meet Jihyo!

When Momo’s father finally got up to meet Jihyo, she was extremely surprised, but also grateful.

Here’s the full video below!