Here’s How TWICE’s Momo Reacted When Sana Called Her “Unnie”

Momo had a simple reaction.

TWICE‘s Momo and Sana are close like sisters, and the two have displayed their friendship many times.

Both Sana and Momo were born in 1996, and they’re considered friends in Korea. However, Sana once decided to call Momo “unnie,” which means “older sister,” and this led to an adorable reaction from Momo.

TWICE’s Momo (Left) & Sana (Right)

In a live broadcast, Dahyun said that Momo should get her makeup done on camera since she’s the eldest.

Sana then decided to call Momo “unnie,” despite them being friends. Momo told Sana that she’s not her “unnie,” and Sana jokingly “hid” herself.

Momo also adorably told Sana that she was hilarious for calling her “unnie.”

Sana defended herself and said that she wasn’t hilarious. Both Sana and Momo decided to ask Dahyun who was right, and Dahyun just looked at the camera and asked ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) for help.

Just another moment in Sana and Momo’s cute friendship!

TWICE’s Momo (Left) & Sana (Right)
Source: Naver Live