TWICE’s Momo Gets Used as a Selfie Tripod, and Her Facial Expression Is Priceless

Who would do such a thing to Momo? It’s none other than…

TWICE‘s official Instagram account just uploaded some new photos, and it’s downright hilarious.

The post consists of numerous photos of Momo, and nothing seems out of the ordinary until you scroll through the post and see Momo’s priceless facial expression as she’s being used as a selfie tripod for Sana.

The most hilarious part of the photo is the chemistry between the two with Momo looking speechless and Sana shamelessly taking a selfie by propping up her camera on Momo’s head.

Sana later shared what she was shooting with her camera at the time by uploading a video of it following the series of photos.

If you see the video, Momo’s priceless face is captured once more while Sana simply enjoyed the convenience of having her own personal tripod.