Momo’s Sister Hana Proved Once Again She Deserves To Be The President Of Chaeyoung’s Fanclub

There’s no doubt Hana is her fanclub president:

Momo‘s sister Hana has once again proven she’s the true president of Chaeyoung‘s fanclub and ONCEs are loving it!


Although Momo’s sister Hana is always giving a whole lot of love to her little sister, she also can’t help fangirling over Chaeyoung!


In fact, Hana is considered to be the president of Chaeyoung’s fanclub. In the past, Hana has proven she’s a true Chaeyoung stan by liking Chaeyoung’s “What Is Love” teaser…


Revealing Chaeyoung has a place of honor on her phone…


Taking photos of Chaeyoung’s posters before Momo’s and posting about her on social media…


And collecting plenty of Chaeyoung swag!


And with her latest tweet, ONCEs are more than ready to name Hana the official fanclub president! Hana just sent out a tweet showing some love to her strawberry princess while showing off some more of her Chaeyoung goods.


The post immediate caught the attention of ONCEs who couldn’t get over how cute this Chaeyoung stan is!

With many sending a lot of love to Chaeyoung’s fanclub president!


There’s no denying Hana really is the president of Chaeyoung’s fanclub!