TWICE Momo’s Shoulder Strap Slipped Down And Photographers Couldn’t Handle It

Momo’s strap fell down while on the red carpet, and it was pure shoulder perfection.

TWICE‘s Momo‘s shoulder strap slipped while she was promoting on the red carpet – and it’s easy to see why photographers couldn’t deal!


Momo strutted onto the red carpet looking stunning in her black dress!


She looked sexy and confident as she made her entrance…


Even her movements were pretty!


As she stood against the photo wall with her fellow TWICE members, she pushed her hair behind her ears gracefully.


The reporters asked for the girls to do some hearts and dance moves, and the movements began shifting her thin dress strap…


Momo really committed to the movements, leaning forward as she made a sweet heart.


But it was this heart that proved to be the icing on the cake, and her strap began to slip…


Sliding down to reveal her entire shoulder before she could catch it!


She continued doing heart hands with her shoulder exposed, and looked so elegant doing it!


Reporters and fans alike couldn’t get enough of the slip!


She rocked the rest of the red carpet photo session after accidentally showing off her perfect shoulder!