TWICE nails male idol group performances at their first solo concert

TWICE showed at their recent concert that they can pull off boy group songs just as well as their own cute concepts.

On February 17 at their first tour TWICELAND: The Opening, TWICE performed their entire discography, including all of their hit title tracks “TT”, “Cheer Up”, and “Like Ooh Ahh.” But in addition to singing songs fans know and love, the girls also performed a few exciting covers of boy groups’ songs.

The girls performed EXO’s “Overdose,” flawlessly executing the choreography and intensity of the song. Many were stunned by the new image that the two conveyed with the cover since they were associated with a cute image. The group even pulled off the song’s famous choreography, and Momo and Mina particularly shined in showing off their flawless dancing.

The girls also performed SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U” in complete contrast to their performance of “Overdose”, this time showcasing a bright and happy atmosphere. Once again, they successfully pulled off the song’s detailed choreography and show off their adorable dancing. Fans couldn’t help but have a big, wide smile on their faces as they watched the girls perform.

BONUS: Turbo’s “Black Cat”

Dahyun and Tzuyu also performed Turbo’s “Black Cat”, appropriately wearing a cat costume for the performance, to the joy of the fans.