TWICE Name Their 3 Most Underrated Songs Ever, And You Need To Listen To Them ASAP

They’re all bops!

TWICE have released numerous songs since their debut in 2015. According to Momo, their favorites include “Feel Special”…

…”Dance The Night Away”…


…and “Cheer Up.”

These four songs blew up and hit commercial success, but some others didn’t quite manage to become a favorite—even if they deserve to.

In Jeongyeon‘s opinion, they have two underrated tracks, the first being “WOW” from their first full album Twicetagram.

“WOW” has a fun and cheerful melody, matching the group’s image to a T.

Aside from “WOW,” Jeongyeon and Sana enjoy “You In My Heart,” which is from the same album.

It has a slower and sweeter beat, and it has the power to instantly lift spirits!

Finally, Mina thinks “Say Something” from Eyes Wide Open is the most underrated.

“Say Something” is a city pop song that complements their vocals especially well.

These three songs are undoubtedly among their best! In case you missed it, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube