Here’s How TWICE Nayeon’s Actions During The Group’s Live Stages Showed Her True Personality

We stan a considerate queen!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is notorious for her fun and quirky energy both on and off stage. ONCEs also know Nayeon for her kind heart, which she has been known to show in much subtler ways. Recently, a ONCE discovered how Nayeon performed her “Yes Or Yes” live stages that showed off her true personality.

Nayeon backstage at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards | TWICE/Facebook

In the song’s first chorus, Nayeon moves to the back row as she crosses behind Jihyo, performing a windmill motion with her arms.

However, in the second chorus, Nayeon ends up crossing in front of Jihyo. This is where Nayeon’s considerate personality shines. Instead of making the windmill motion with her arms like before, Nayeon keeps her arms by her side so as not to distract from Jihyo’s solo.

Not only did Nayeon do this during their live stages, but she even did it when filming their dance practice video.

ONCEs are touched by her consideration for her members and find her adjusted “scoot” across the stage to be adorable.

This isn’t the only time Nayeon has made a subtle choreography change for the sake of her members. Fans have also noticed that Nayeon did a small duck out of the way during “I Can’t Stop Me.”

Again, Nayeon saw that Jihyo had the solo and took a small action that focused on her member.

Have you ever noticed Nayeon doing this before? Let us know, and to see both the “Yes Or Yes” and the “I Can’t Stop Me” compilations, check out the videos below:

“Yes Or Yes”

“I Can’t Stop Me”

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