Nayeon’s New Aegyo On Running Man Caused The Cast To Beat Up Lee Kwang Soo

It was way too cute for anyone to handle!

ONCEs are huge fans of TWICE‘s acrostic poems mainly because you never know what you’re going to get and they’re always epic. So when the top girl group headed off to Running Man and were challenged to create another masterpiece, everyone knew it was going to be good!


It all started shortly after the members were greeted by everyone. Yoo Jae Suk mentioned TWICE’s last appearance on the show and talked about how Nayeon‘s adorable poem of Kim Jong Kook‘s name not only melted their hearts…


But also everyone else’s when it went viral!


So he proposed a challenge with the Momo and Nayeon competing to see who could make the best acrostic poem.


First up was Momo who came up with a very special poem using Ji Suk Jin‘s name.

“Ji Suk Jin oppa

Suk Jin oppa’s nose is

Jjinja (really) really big.”

— Momo


She certainly left a big impression!


But next up was Nayeon and she certainly wasn’t going to disappoint!


Using Song Ji Hyo‘s name and some of her trademark aegyo, she started off strong by intentionally mispronouncing a few words which just added to her cuteness!

“My fingers hurt so much!”

— Nayeon


With just one line she already had everyone falling over from all her adorableness.


While she had already knocked Lee Kwang Soo over with her first line, with the next she coaxed him over…

“Please come here now, Kwang Soo oppa.”

— Nayeon


And finished him off!

“Will you blow on it, please?”

— Nayeon


Of course, Kwang Soo wanted to make her feel better! But his attempts were quickly put to a stop when he was dragged away by the rest of the cast and punished for stealing all of Nayeon’s attention!


But that little bit of punishment wasn’t going to deter him from making Nayeon all better! Even after being scolded by the others he picked himself up and sent a few puffs of air her way to make heal those poor fingers!

Momo’s hilariously cute poem, Nayeon’s knockout poem, and Kwang Soo’s reaction have already caused quite a stir online and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if this moment went viral just like in the past. Check out the adorable moment for yourself in the video below!