TWICE Nayeon Almost Falls While Accepting An Award

Jeongyeon comes to the rescue!

ONCEs are familiar with Nayeon and Jeongyeon‘s love-hate relationship with each other, where the two have had their fair share of love and rejections.

TWICE won their very first “daesang” award with “Cheer Up” during the 2016 MAMA in Hong Kong. The girls were extremely emotional, and it showed.

While leader Jihyo was giving a speech, Nayeon failed to notice the uneven flooring and tripped.

Luckily, Jeongyeon caught her, preventing any possible injuries.

This isn’t the first time where members of TWICE nearly injured themselves on stage. During a rehearsal for TT, Momo didn’t notice the end of the stage and lost her balance, nearly falling off the stage.

Thankfully, Nayeon spotted her and saved her from a potentially serious fall. Momo then thanked Nayeon with a hug while staff came up to block off that part of the stage.

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