TWICE Nayeon and Dahyun compete in hilarious waving dance battle

The members of rookie girl group TWICE are known for their silly shenanigans, often playing games with each other both on screen and behind the scenes. 

While many girl group members are concerned with keeping their image as celebrities, the girls of TWICE have become notorious for their quirky personalities and dorky sense of humor, often playing games such as the “babble game” and pretending to fight each other.

Although the girls have done plenty of silly things in the past, a video of members Nayeon and Dahyun doing a hilarious wave dance has become incredibly popular online, with many fans sharing the short clip. Showing off both their sense of humor and how good they look in their Arena rash guards, fans just can’t stop watching and sharing the cute moment.

160618 KBS2 TWICE Rashguard Interview 연예가중계 e1629 트와이스 cut – Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

These two have always been the best of friends even before TWICE debuted and we hope this friendship lasts forever~