TWICE’s Nayeon Shows off Her Glamorous Body in Recent Photos

These alluring photos are a big contrast to her previous post.

On February 26, TWICE‘s Nayeon shared multiple photos of herself on TWICE’s official Instagram account along with the caption of multiple blue hearts.

In the photos, Nayeon can be seen with her hair tied up and wearing a bright blue exercising outfit that seriously shows off her glamorous body.

Nayeon, who is normally known for her adorable charm, is often compared to cute animals due to her facial characteristics and is rarely given attention for her gorgeous body.

Even the previous photo Nayeon uploaded to TWICE’s Instagram account is one of her in a bear onesie, which she is the style that she’s more often seen sporting.

But even in the tight outfit, Nayeon’s refreshing smile and cute facial characteristics soften her look and allow her to give off both cute and sexy vibes at the same time.

This post goes to show the sexy charms Nayeon has been hiding underneath, and it’s probably just a matter of time before it’s fully unleashed.


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