TWICE’s Nayeon And Chaeyoung Accidentally Spoiled A Stray Kids Song

They recovered quickly.

Considering both TWICE and Stray Kids are under JYP Entertainment, it makes sense that they are often nearby each other when practicing and filming. Sometimes spoilers are inevitable, even when idols take care to avoid them.

During a recent live stream, TWICE’s Nayeon decided to share music from her upcoming solo debut with Chaeyoung. Nayeon gave her headphones to her groupmate so she could listen to the songs without giving anything away.

TWICE’s Nayeon (left) and Chaeyoung (right) | TWICE/VLIVE

Chaeyoung vibed to the music, and if the snippets already released are any proof, the album will be a certified bop.


Fans, of course, couldn’t help but ask for spoilers for Nayeon’s solo debut, which she happily provided.


And while Nayeon took care to play her music quietly enough so that fans wouldn’t hear through the broadcast, she didn’t exactly consider the sound of surrounding practice rooms.


When they did hear music coming from another room, Nayeon and Chaeyoung quickly began to make noise to cover it up in order to avoid spoiling another group’s new song.


They then revealed that other people were practicing nearby.


This hilarious clip shows the duo attempting to mask the sound coming from next door.

While netizens were unsure of what song they had heard at the time of the VLIVE, it turns out that it was Stray Kids’ newest release for their Japanese comeback, “CIRCUS.”

It checks out, given the timeline. Stray Kids were preparing for their Japanese tour at the time and were, of course, practicing their new songs.

Luckily the accidental spoiler was no big deal, and the girls were able to move on quickly. Fans love these two together!

Fans of both TWICE and Stray Kids have something to look forward to with Nayeon’s solo album. Stray Kids’ Felix will feature on the track “NO PROBLEM,” allowing the boy group member to become a successful fanboy.

Fans Name Stray Kids’ Felix A Successful Fanboy After His Feature On TWICE Nayeon’s Upcoming Solo Album Is Announced

You can check out a snippet of the song here.

Nayeon’s album, IM NAYEON, is set to drop on June 24, 2022, at 1 pm KST.

Source: VLIVE