TWICE’s Nayeon Unintentionally Stuns Fans with Her Upgraded Visuals in Recent V Live Broadcast

Nayeon’s visuals have been crazy these days.

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Chaeyoung recently chatted with their fans via V Live where Nayeon received particular attention for her stunning visuals.

During this broadcast, Nayeon looked especially laid back while lying on a couch, eating snacks, and holding the camera up so that she could maintain her comfortable position.

And as expected from the beautiful star, her visuals were crazy. What especially stood out was her very big eyes and plump lips that made her look absolutely adorable.

While she explained TWICE’s goodies to her fans, Chaeyoung also joined the broadcast which led to a burst of laughter.

They then showed off their beauty together while leaning on each other’s shoulders, joking around, and being the close friends that they are.

One fan even asked what Nayeon’s plump cheeks felt like to which Chaeyoung responded, “It’s super plump and soft” and caused another stir of laughter while also satisfying the fans who were actually curious.


Source: Dispatch