TWICE Nayeon Confesses She Watches Erotic Things At Night

“Come to my room at night.”

TWICE‘s Nayeon, Jihyo, and Tzuyu talked about hair growth during their latest live broadcast.

They conversed with their fans while at the Osaka stop of their Candy Pop showcase tour.

When a fan asked if Jihyo was going to grow out her hangs, Jihyo expressed that she was sad that her hair wasn’t growing fast enough.

“I’m actually growing out my bangs but you didn’t notice, right? It only grew this much. It makes me so mad… Why isn’t my hair growing? I’m so sad.” — Jihyo

Then Nayeon joking hinted that Jihyo should visit her room at night.

“Should I tell you?… My hair grows really fast. Come to my room at night.” — Nayeon

Jihyo quickly caught on, asking if she was referring to the Korean myth that hair grows faster if you think dirty thoughts!

“They do say that watching erotic things makes your hair grow faster.” — Jihyo

Just as fans were buzzing about Nayeon’s seductive joke, she quickly put that theory to rest.

“But actually, I saw the results of a study that tested that theory. The results didn’t prove that theory.” — Nayeon


It’s actually very funny that Nayeon would joke about it because her role model IU said the same thing before!

It’s always a good time when Nayeon unnie shares her wisdom with us! 😂