Here’s How TWICE’s Nayeon and Dahyun Have Developed Their Songwriting Skills Since Debut

Their lyrics are so good!

As idols get more experienced, many get more curious about the process of songwriting. This has definitely been the case for the TWICE members, as each comeback has seen more musical contributions from members. During a recent interview, Nayeon and Dahyun revealed how the group honed their skills.

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Nayeon shared that this is a newfound skill for the group “In the past, we didn’t really have a lot of opportunity to participate in the album-making process.”

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Nayeon has contributed lyrics across many albums going back to Twicetagram, with some of her most beloved contributions being “Rainbow,” “Depend On You,” and the recent “Baby Blue Love” off the group’s Taste Of Love mini-album.

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She explained that the lyrics come from TWICE’s life and that the group has become more conscious now that they’re always looking for inspiration.

During our daily lives, we all try to think about what kind of songs we’d like to create for our fans, what kind of performance we’d like to show, or what kind of lyrics we would write. We think about that a lot more these days.


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For Dahyun, the process was challenging at first. “It was difficult to come up with a topic, choosing the right words for the lyrics, and writing the first line of the verse,” she revealed.

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While she may have struggled at first, Dahyun has been contributing lyrics to TWICE’s music since Twicetagram as well. Her first track was “Missing U,” and since then, she’s contributed lyrics to songs like “Trick It,” “Queen,” and “Scandal,” the latter of which also came from the Taste of Love mini-album.

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Luckily, Dahyun continued forward and found joy in her songwriting.

Even though there were times when I doubted myself, I kept on trying. As a result, I now enjoy and get excited thinking of how to include my own message into the lyrics.


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We’re so grateful that the members have worked hard and continued to pursue their craft. We can’t wait to see what they have to show us in the coming years!

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