TWICE’s Nayeon And Dahyun Have Hilariously Opposite Reactions To Helping Out Their Fellow Members

Their reactions couldn’t be more different!

It’s been less than a month since TWICE wrapped their highly successful III world tour and the members have been reflecting on their unforgettable tour memories.

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The members were given individual missions throughout the tour to carry out and document in a behind-the-scenes vlog. In TWICE’s latest TW-LOG on their official YouTube channel, the members look back on who completed their mission and who unfortunately failed.

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Jeongyeon received the mission of taking a selfie with Nayeon. She easily succeeded without raising Nayeon’s suspicion because the members frequently take photos together while on tour.

Nayeon said fans often like to see her and Jeongyeon together in pictures and have affectionately created two nicknames for the duo “Na-Jeong,” and “Double Yeon.” She continued, “…so I thought that was why Jeongyeon was doing it.

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While Jeongyeon was still completing her mission, Dahyun thought it was something else entirely. She said that Jeongyeon came up to her during their concert and kissed her, so she thought that the mission was to give and receive a kiss successfully. To help Jeongyeon out, she made sure to find her on stage and return the kiss.

Though it wasn’t the correct mission, Dahyun showed her kind personality and proved that sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

Dahyun’s generous response to helping her fellow member only made Nayeon‘s response to Tzuyu‘s mission more hilarious.

For Tzuyu’s mission, she was tasked with interviewing each TWICE member. At first, it seemed like she would be able to complete the mission without a problem. Even though the other members figured out her mission, they all played along to answer her questions.

That was until she got to Nayeon. When Nayeon figured out what was going on, she quickly said “nope!” and walked away.

The other members were shocked at Nayeon’s savage response as Nayeon innocently smiled in her chair. When Dahyun pointed out that Nayeon was aware of the mission and purposely didn’t answer the question, and Jeongyeon realized that’s why Tzuyu failed, they couldn’t help but crack up at the competitive response.

Ultimately, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung were the only two members who failed their missions. Chaeyoung sacrificed her mission for the sake of Momo completing her mission. They were both tasked with opposing goals, so one would have to fail for the other to succeed. 

As a result, both Chaeyoung and Tzuyu were given penalty missions. Tzuyu’s penalty was to take a funny selfie and make it her profile picture for a month, which she kept on Bubble for three days. Chaeyoung will wear a “penalty” outfit and dance to Nayeon’s upcoming solo single in a future video.

To watch the entire segment, you can check out their TW-LOG below!

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