TWICE’s Nayeon Kept Dropping Pens In The “Alcohol-Free” MV—Here’s Why

She was quite satisfied with the end result, though!

TWICE‘s Nayeon talked about one of her scenes in the group’s “Alcohol-Free” MV, and revealed she was asked to keep dropping pens while shooting her scenes!

Recently, TWICE released a video of them reacting to their new MV, where they gave tons of behind-these-scenes stories of the many gorgeous shots in the video!

While divulging these stories, Nayeon made a surprising revelation! During her starting part in the MV, just before the scene shifted to Mina, Nayeon drops a tall glass full of a blue drink on the ground!

Regarding this scene, Nayeon revealed that the director kept asking her to drop pens, and then for the final cut, they would edit the blue drink in, making it look like Nayeon was dropping the drink instead!

I used a pen, like this! I had to drop it over and over again.


She revealed that she did hold that particular drink at some point, but was made to keep dropping a pen to get that one scene perfect!

I did hold the glass, but dropping was with the pen. I didn’t know what was going on, but now that I see the result, I get it.


TWICE made their comeback with “Alcohol-Free”.

Watch the MV here!

Source: Youtube