Here’s What TWICE’s Nayeon Does Every Night Before She Falls Asleep

Do you have the same nightly routine?

TWICE‘s Nayeon shared her nightly routine in a recent interview with Elle Korea, and it’s surprisingly relatable!

They broached the topic by asking, “What do you think about before you go to sleep?

After pondering for a moment, Nayeon revealed that she doesn’t really think before sleeping.

I don’t think much before going to sleep.

— Nayeon

Instead, she always watches movies until she starts to feel sleepy. When that happens, she stops the movie and starts listening to relaxing sleep music.

I keep watching movies until I feel sleepy. When I’m about to fall asleep, I turn on some sleep music and pass out right away.

— Nayeon

Elle Korea then asked for some movie recommendations. Nayeon hinted that she watches foreign films on Netflix, but she playfully declined to get specific!

I’m watching foreign dramas on Netflix that are ranked high. It’s a secret.

— Nayeon

Aside from talking about her nightly routine, Nayeon also shared why she didn’t want to be a celebrity before. Read more about it below!

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Source: YouTube