TWICE’s Nayeon Names Her Favorite And Least Favorite Songs To Perform, And You Might Not Expect Them

No, it’s not “I’m Gonna Be A Star” 😂

TWICE has many songs under their belt, but what are Nayeon‘s personal favorites to perform? Conversely, what are her least favorite songs to perform?

She revealed her choices in an interview with Vanity Fair, where her members were tasked with guessing what she wrote down.

As Nayeon wrote her answer, she gave a special hint that it was a song they hadn’t performed in a while.

I’ve thought about it a lot, but I didn’t think of it quickly because it’s been so long since we performed it.

— Nayeon

Much to Nayeon’s shock, she had barely finished writing the first two words when Momo shouted the correct answer—”Dance The Night Away!”

Nayeon was then asked what her least favorite song to perform is. Fans would think she’d pick their early song “I’m Gonna Be A Star,” which she openly dislikes, but she chose something else instead!

Like the first question, it didn’t take long for her members to guess her answer, “MORE & MORE.”

Nayeon explained that she chose it as her least favorite simply because they’ve never performed it in front of fans before.

We’ve never performed ‘MORE & MORE’ for ONCE before. Honestly, because we’ve never performed the song, we would love to.

— Nayeon

She then gave special mention to “Feel Special” and stated that she doesn’t want to perform it with “MORE & MORE” because of how tiring the choreographies are.

Performing these songs back to back. While performing, we had a difficult time before, so we ask that these two songs are not performed back to back. Because I’m a little scared. There’s a chance me may faint in between performances.

— Nayeon

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Source: YouTube