TWICE’s Nayeon Gifted Each ITZY Member One Of The Most Expensive Apple Products—And She Loved Their Reactions

She talked about it in a recent interview.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is everyone’s ideal senior!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, she looked back on her year and shared new memories with her fans. One of them involved none other than her JYP Entertainment juniors, ITZY.

Nayeon recounted the time they met up in person for a collaboration. She was shocked to find out that they were jam-packed with schedule after schedule, leaving them little time to rest. This gave her an idea to do something that would lighten their load even by just a little.

I did a program with the ITZY members. I felt they were having such a tight schedule so I wanted to give them a present, something they needed.

— Nayeon

Based on her own experience, she figured that a pair of headphones would be put to good use. ITZY would be able to relax with a noise cancelling-like experience while listening to music if they chose to.

I heard they were going on a tour abroad. When I went on a tour, I used my headphones a lot. So I asked them and none of them seemed to have one so I decided to give it as a present.

— Nayeon

Nayeon didn’t give just any ordinary brand of headphones. She splurged and gave five silver Apple AirPods Max that retail for a whopping $549 USD each! In comparison, the more popular Apple AirPods 2 is sold for around $159 USD and higher.

ITZY knew the value of the gift they received and immediately expressed their gratitude to the TWICE singer. They took selfies with the headphones and texted her personally.

I received a text message. Every member said they were grateful and they even took a photo.

— Nayeon

The members were also pictured wearing them in public and made headlines as a result.

Nayeon, on her end, said that she was simply “happy” that they reached out to her and enjoyed the gift.

I felt happy they sent me the text.

— Nayeon

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube