TWICE Was Once Asked To Describe Themselves, And Nayeon Unexpectedly Said What We Were All Thinking

Jihyo couldn’t believe she actually said that out loud πŸ˜‚

Fans can think of countless ways to describe TWICE, but what would the girls themselves say they’re like? In a past interview with SEVENTEEN, they were asked to describe the group in three words.

Upon hearing the question, leader Jihyo asked her members what they think of the words “energy” and “teamwork.”

I want to ask your guys’ opinion on ‘energy’ and ‘teamwork.’

β€” Jihyo

Looking extremely impressed, the girls immediately agreed to it.

‘Teamwork’ is good.

β€” Momo

With a huge grin on her face, Nayeon then grabbed Jihyo’s hand and whispered, “Visual.

Fans would definitely agree that the word “visual” describes TWICE extremely well! All nine members are so beautiful that it’s difficult to look away from them.

Jihyo, however, couldn’t believe Nayeon actually said that out loud. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open.

Unlike Jihyo, everyone else appeared to easily accept it. Momo even added a few similar words like “pretty” and “cute.”

The members then proudly shouted the final words out loud. Without a doubt, these three words describe them perfectly.

Energy. Teamwork. Visual.


To see TWICE answer more questions about themselves, check out the full video below!

Source: Seventeen