TWICE’s Nayeon Jokingly Mistook SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu As BTS’s Backup Dancer

Nayeon was having the best laugh of her life.

An interaction between TWICE‘s Nayeon and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu at the Seoul Music Awards is one of the funniest between the two groups.


Not only did the moment make the two of them burst into laughter, but their fans as well.

While BTS were performing their song “IDOL”, TWICE and SEVENTEEN were seated near the stage and each other. After noticing that the backup dancers were dressed in white shirts and black pants, Nayeon burst into laughter, pointing to someone beside her.

It turns out, Mingyu had been the person she’d been pointing to. He stood up from his seat and pulled on his shirt, noticing that he did indeed look like one of the dancers. He couldn’t help but laugh as well, while Nayeon pointed him out to Mina and Jeongyeon. The fun didn’t stop there, either.

In the way only Mingyu could, he decided to join in on the fun. With a smile on his face and his hands in the air, he began to move along to the beat of the music. By then, even Jeongyeon began to laugh and point at him as well.

Mingyu really delved into the role when he turned his body in the same direction of the dancers and executed one of the signature moves of the choreography. He fit right in with the rest of them, making Nayeon and Jeongyeon laugh even harder.

If you’re looking forward to having a fun time at an awards show, Mingyu and Nayeon are the people you’d want sitting right beside you.

Watch Nayeon and Jeongyeon have a hearty laugh at Mingyu’s brief stint as a backup dancer here.