TWICE’s Nayeon And Momo Explain How To Think Positively And Surround Yourself With Supportive People

They know how to push forward.

TWICE‘s Nayeon quickly noticed a fan’s comment during a live broadcast with Momo that caught her attention.


A ONCE claimed to feel like no one was on their side, to which Nayeon could relate to the feeling. Momo also agreed. In fact, she said that a lot of people feel this way.

To counteract this notion, Nayeon said that there’s always someone supporting you if you take a closer look. Momo cemented her point by saying there’s at least one person there for support.

Nayeon also clarified that they might not be who you were expecting, or you missed them without realizing it, but they’re there for you and care. She made it a point not to turn away from other people because of feeling unsupported.

Don’t turn your back on everyone and build walls around you because you feel like no one is on your side. – Nayeon

Both of them agreed that it came down to your thinking. Momo said if you think that way, it’s easier not to see how supported you actually are. If you instead think positively, even though it’s hard, it will be easier to find who’s there for you. But, you eventually will.

When you’re thinking like that, it’s harder to see it. – Momo


Momo and Nayeon experience the same situations and emotions as everyone else. Listen to them using that to help others in dealing with the same problems.