TWICE’s Nayeon And Momo Can’t Stand Listening To Their Own Unit Song “HELLO”—Here’s Why

“That’s the only song I skip in the whole album.”

TWICE formed three unit groups for their latest full album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. The unit of Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung recorded a hype song called “HELLO,” and it’s already a TWICE favorite.

Everyone has it on repeat—that is, everyone except for Nayeon and Momo!

Nayeon (left) and Momo (right) 

The two talked about why they can’t listen to it in an interview with YouTube channel Access, who asked the members to name their favorite song from the album.

Jeongyeon chose “HELLO” and explained that she likes it because she had never heard anything like it before.

I choose Nayeon – Momo – Chaeyoung unit. I’ve never heard a song like that before.

— Jeongyeon

Jihyo agreed and admitted that she even listens to it just as much as her unit song “PUSH & PULL” with Sana and Dahyun!

I listen to that song a lot, too. I listen to it as much as I listen to my own unit song.

— Jihyo

In contrast, Momo revealed that it’s the one song in the album that she always skips.

Nayeon added that every time she hears it, she gets so embarrassed that she “just wants to hide somewhere.

Chaeyoung asked why she feels that way when she had looked forward to doing it, and Nayeon clarified that she didn’t expect every single detail to be recorded. She may have been shocked to hear the way her voice sounds in that type of song!

But I had no idea that they’d record all the small details.

— Nayeon

Her members, however, praised her for playing the part well. Watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube