TWICE’s Nayeon Once Wore Faux Bangs In A Live Broadcast, And Momo Couldn’t Stand It

Momo had a lot to say 😂

In a 2017 live broadcast, TWICE‘s Nayeon asked ONCEs whether or not she should get bangs. To help them visualize it better, she brought out some faux bangs and attached them to her hair.

Although she was holding a solo broadcast, fellow member Momo still went out of the way to call her phone to stop her! Momo wanted to save some of Nayeon’s dignity because her hair was “very weird“.

Jeongyeon then joined Momo’s call, and together they hilariously made it clear that Nayeon should just take the bangs off.

They even revealed that they wrote comments on the live broadcast saying Nayeon should not get bangs.

For Nayeon to look better, they suggested that she tie her hair…

…or wear short bangs instead.

Momo and Jeongyeon are the honest friends that everyone needs in their life!

Watch the hilarious interaction in all its entirety below.

Source: Waneta Valerie